We are people helping people, enhanced by technology, supervised by clinicians, and integrated with wider systems of care.

The platform powers the proactive delivery of subclinical mental health care to employees at an affordable cost — while establishing preventive measures that save crucial dollars down the line.


  • Many employees will be effectively supported through our subclinical support services alone. 
  • Digital peer support replicates human-centered principles in the online space in a natural form of support that drives hope, empowerment, and change.
  • For the smaller group of employees that need clinical care, our personnel integrate with the in-network care system to deliver compassionate, hands-on, and cost-effective navigation services.
  • Peer-led navigation keep people warm during the gap between referral and treatment and in the critical return to work process.


  • Enables personalized mental health solutions based on individual data, needs, and preferences. 
  • Data is the key to identifying specific interventions and strategies that optimize outcomes — and the Manifesto platform is built on collecting, organizing, and using data to inform preventive, proactive, and effective care.

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