Mental Health Action Day

At Manifesto Health, we know that a healthy and supportive workplace culture leads to healthier, purpose-driven workers. In honor of #MentalHealthAction Day, we plan to help our employees and members take one hour for their mental health by getting connected with nature, which has been proven to positively benefit physical and psychological well-being.

Ideas for connecting with nature:
-Try a walking meeting
-Enjoy a meal outdoors
-Take your pet to the park
-Go for a swim
-Visit a local nature preserve or garden

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HealthKey Summit

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Hilferty, sharing the Manifesto mission.

We had an incredible week in Philadelphia attending the inaugural HealthKey Summit. It was a complete honor to share the stage with amazing leaders like Patrick Kennedy, Greg Deavens, Steve Collis, Bradley F Sorte and so many others.  The event was full of thought-provoking discussions about the future of healthcare alongside leaders from Comcast, AmerisourceBergen, Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Spark Therapeutics, Inc., Independence Blue Cross and more.

Facing the Opioid Crisis Together: Mental Health (Patrick and Ramon)

Listen to the podcast here featuring our Cofounder, Patrick Mullen: Facing the Opioid Crisis Together

Patrick is a mental health counselor and doctoral student, and Ramon is a behavioral health specialist. Both are in long-term recovery.

In this episode, Patrick and Ramon discuss the intersection of substance use disorder and mental health, what it means to have a dual diagnosis or co-occurring conditions, and the importance of a holistic approach to treatment.

Watch Patrick’s story on YouTube. Watch Ramon’s story on YouTube.

Hosted by Heather Major, Director of Programs for Independence Blue Cross Foundation.

Recovery is possible, and help is available. Please visit our website for more information, resources and inspiration:

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This podcast discusses opioid use, opioid treatment, and physical and psychological trauma, which may be triggering for some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

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Patrick Flynn at the State of the Union

Check out the full-length article featuring our cofounder, Patrick Flynn, here: Rep. Dean welcomes Substance Use Awareness Activist, Patrick Flynn, to Tuesday's State of the Union

"You can talk about addiction in a lot of places, talk about your issues," Flynn said. "It's very tough to be able to openly bring that into the workplace."

That's true for the people battling addiction, but their loved ones, too, Flynn said. When he co-founded the Someone You Know associate group at IBX, Flynn said he often thought of his mother, who was afraid people would view her as a bad parent due to her son's addiction.

The support group provides IBX employees a place to share the way addiction impacts their lives. It aims to raise awareness about the effects of addiction while also reducing stigmas.

"That was the genesis and the passion behind starting the Someone You Know associate group," Flynn said. "I want to take it to where any individual who is working for IBX, who is dealing with this in any way, can feel comfortable enough to come forward to join this group and talk about it."

The support group is an extension of the the IBX Foundation's Someone You Know campaign, a grassroots effort designed to humanize the opioid crisis. Its 20 ambassadors – all local people in recovery – have been featured on various marketing platforms, including a mobile exhibit.

The ambassadors also have met with Mayor Jim Kenney, Gov. Tom Wolf and visited the U.S. Capitol building.

"I really think it's a powerful thing that more companies should be doing," Flynn said.